What Is Google’s Plus Project All About?

Just as Facebook move into the search engine arena with thier collaboration with Bing, Google are once again trying to break into social networking by developing the Google + project. The first part of this is the newly released Google +1 button which is set to rival Facebook’s like button and allows for people to share relevant results quickly.

The difference between Facebook likes and Google +1 recommendations is that Google’s +1 actually helps the user find what they are looking for rather than just sharing the content with friends. For example, say you are looking for a recipe, when you do your search you might now see a result with a +1 next to it from a friend of yours who is interested in food. If you don’t have a friend who’s interested in food then Google may show you the results with the amount of times the button has been pressed next to it. From the perspective of a site owner this is beneficial as people are more likely to click on the link that has the most +1’s next to it.

As I mentioned earlier in the post, The Google +1 button is just the first step, in coming months Google will extend this even further with the introduction of the + Project:

Google Circles

Circles allows you to break your contacts into separate groups. Google believe that all online relationships are not created equally, there are things that we share with some but not others which is essentially true. You might want to show a select few of your friends the pictures from the night before, however, you wouldn’t want your boss or parents seeing them! Well with Google Circles you can literally break your contacts up just like your friendship circles allowing you to share your information with as many or few people as you want.

Google Sparks

Sparks is essentially a huge RSS feed aggregator – you simply type in your interests and are presented with everything about the subject and of course you can share any of this with the friends that you select.

Google Hangouts

Google describes hangout as the online equivalent of having friends over or meeting them in a bar – its online real time video chat for up to 10 people at a time.

Google + Mobile: Instant Upload

Google created instant upload which will work as a phone app. They believe pictures are meant to be shared and with the new service, your pictures will instantly be uploaded as they are taken to a private album in the cloud. From there you can share the images with whoever you want.

Google Location
Location allows you to add your location to any message or post on the plus network. This is great if you want someone to know where you are.


Huddle is a group messaging program that allows you to chat in real time. Google appreciate that plans can change at the last minute but with Huddle you can keep a select circle of contacts up to date.

Access to the Google + Project is currently limited to select users with an official release slated for later in the year.
Do you think this is likely to sway you from Facebook and Twitter or is it just another failing like Google Wave ?

Let us know your thoughts below…

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