Website Design

Our Website Design and Development services takes care of everything for you. We research and get to know you and your business so we understand your personal preferences and business ethos as well as the functional needs of your website. We also hand-code from scratch giving you a unique website to meet your precise specifications, so you don’t have to be restricted by limitations of packages and tools, if you don’t want to. We offer two website design and development packages, Custom: This consists of a customised web package but still includes unique website design (good for businesses on a low budget) and Bespoke: This is a dynamic website design and development package and includes absolutely anything your business website needs including unlimited pages, flash animation, logo/graphic design and website video presenters.

Your website is your most powerful advertising tool in today’s online marketing era, and we design and develop your website, blog  or e-commerce site around your company’s services, objectives, branding and budget. We strongly believe your site should be aesthetically attractive, easy to navigate, push customers response in one visit and display your business information in the most effective way, but all website design has to start somewhere, and our basic package is perfect for starting your website design process and can also be expanded on.

Custom Vs Bespoke Website Design

Our Website Design and Development Process

There are numerous steps in the website design and development process. From gathering initial information, to the creation of your website, and finally to maintenance to keep your website up to date and current.

Phase 1: Web Design Information Gathering

Phase 2: Planning

Phase 3: Web Design

Phase 4: Web Development

Phase 5: Testing and Delivery

Phase 6: Website Maintenance

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