Local Businesses Must Focus On Local Search Marketing

Local Search Marketing

Most search marketing deals, directly or indirectly, with the vastness of the internet. On the world-wide web, one small site has to work hard to be noticed. Search marketing strategies focus on grabbing as much attention from that vast world as possible, always keeping the target market in mind. Most businesses spend time on boosting their site up various different ladders so that it is visible to the right people at the right time. The ‘right’ people are, in regional businesses strategies, usually the people based locally and hence geographical search marketing is often apt.

While search marketing can benefit all websites, the world-wide approach won’t work for all businesses. A garden centre, for example, is unlikely to want to attract traffic from another county, much less than another country. Local businesses require a local search marketing focus.

Local Search Marketing

The two approaches are very different, but use similar techniques. The main difference lies in the focus of your search marketing campaign. While a broad search marketing strategy will necessarily have its own geographical focus, local search marketing involves different search techniques to general search.

There are local search marketing advantages to fostering reviews in the Local Search Marketing section, which is featured for many keywords when a user searches in Google Maps. Local businesses likewise can’t afford to ignore broader searches completely, and need to attempt one or two keywords that have a global application. Google Maps is becoming ever popular for searching, especially through hand held devices. This huge, and growing, market shows the necessity of geographical search marketing.

An approach to local search marketing requires just as much work as general search marketing, if not more. With such a specific focus for the search marketing campaign, professional help is even more worthwhile for a local business than for general search marketing. The Search Marketing Group can help any business needing local search marketing advice.

Local Search Marketing Rankings

This needs to be approached on several fronts, just like any ranking. Firstly, your business needs to determine the keywords for which local search applies. This could be for example, ‘golf shop Surrey’. Google has offered more and more local results over the last two years, but there are still many keywords for which local results do not appear. Careful research is necessary to uncover the keywords for which your business can compete. Naturally, the field of competition is smaller, giving you a better chance of success.

After an on-page strategy has been formed, off-page techniques need to be considered. Most businesses should use local reviews in their search marketing strategy, however local businesses have more reason and are more likely to garner natural reviews. The efficiency and success of local search marketing will be greatly increased via the constant analysis of the firms’ reviews.

General search marketing needs to be a part of a local strategy. When plotting out your keywords, take a few broader keywords into account, if only for your home page. While local search is growing, most users still rely on general search for their results. Being aware of the limits of local search is essential if you are to maximise what you get from it. Also be aware that geographical local search marketing does still generate fewer hits to the site in comparison to general phrases, but these hits will be more specific and have a greater chance of reaching the desired page

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