FAQ’s – Your Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions from clients and visitors to the website

Do I really need a website?

I‘m sure everyone realises how critical it is for any shop in the high street to have a shop window. But not just ANY shop window! You want to catch your customers eye, engage them and invite them into your shop to look around, learn more and ultimately buy from you.

Now… think of your website as your online shop window – and in today’s world where more and more people use the Internet each day, to do more of their routine information gathering, you cannot afford to be without an online portal into your business.

Are blogs really that important?

Blogs are a BIG deal in today’s online world.

If you don’t have one (or more!), you’re missing out on one of the smartest online business strategies that exists today.

Here’s why.

Do you provide an email account for my website eg “info@my-website.co.uk”?

Yes, but only if it is part of your website hosting package. You will then have access to your emails via Web-mail – i.e. email that is accessible through your web browser. Setup for an email address is included in the basic package.

We don’t provide support for getting set up with a Mail Client (e.g. Outlook), however we can provide you with the code that you would need to do it yourself or get it done for you by your IT support person.

Do you provide a domain name or hosting for my website?

Yes – we can provide you with hosting (at a cost) on how own server but do not provide you with a domain name.
We can advise you on getting your hosting and domain names elsewhere should you wish not to use our hosting service.

Do you have website design templates or do you design from scratch?

We have a range templates from which you can choose on the Creative Websites page. We don’t design sites from scratch, as that puts the time (and hence the costs) up. The templates do allow for customisation; this is detailed on each template, as they do differ slightly. Our aim is to get people a professional affordable site in a short time.

Once my website is up and running do I need to come to you for any changes?

You will have full and unlimited access to your website, in Editor mode. We do the technical configuration as the Administrator for your website(s); it’s important for the security and integrity of your website and data to have one user to do the technical stuff, and another log in that is used for the content management side of things.

You can then choose to leave the Admin access password set so that we can support you for future projects/requirements; however, it is YOUR website, your domain, your business!

One thing that is very important with Creative Web Solutions, is to empower people to gain the confidence to manage their own website, and with the manuals we provide that works very well!

However, please be assured that if there are things that you don’t feel confident doing yourself, we do also provide add-on support at an hourly rate (details here), so you won’t be left in the lurch. But I really want to help people become independent, as providing a lot of ongoing support is not in my business model.

How easy is it to edit my own website?

VERY EASY! We use Word Press because it is so simple to use. As part of the basic package you will receive a step-by-step manual on editing and adding blog posts and pages; I ask my clients to do about an hours homework from this prior to a tutorial call. Finally, you will have access to my client membership site (at no extra cost) where there are mini-videos on many aspects of editing in Word Press.

What if I just want a website, without a blog?

The software we use is configurable so you can have your website set up as a blog, an “ordinary” website, or a combination of both.

What do I do about graphics or images for my website?

We can advise you on Stock Photo websites (where you can purchase and/or copy images to then use yourself), and also Royalty-Free websites, where you can purchase an image for commercial use, without continuing to pay royalties.

We can also provide references for excellent photographers in the London area, should you prefer that option – just ask us for details!!

What do I do if I’m not sure if my web copy (content) is up-to-scratch? Does Creative Website Solutions help with that?

We do basic proofreading at an hourly rate; however should you need more in-depth work undertaken, we can recommend a fantastic copywriter (just ask us for details).

Hopefully these website questions have helped you! Please email us if there is anything more you would like to see answered on this page!