Creating a Business Website Part 9 – Analyze

So your business website is running smooth and you’re picking up new business. You’re bragging about it over Thanksgiving dinner. You know you’re “all that.” Now, let’s add an advanced element into the equation. Let’s “analyze.” In our world, this means, “Web Stats!”

Web statistics. It’s like being a voyeur to your own website activity. Creepy! How ‘bout this, it’s like opening a window and being able to see how people got to your site, and what they’re doing once they’re there.

The way you get your business website statistics is a very similar process to how you get your email marketing forms onto your business website. You’re going to have to sign up for a free Google Analytics account. Then, you’re going to get a piece of HTML code (don’t freak out…it’s just a little text.). You’re going to want to give this snippet of code to your webmaster, and they will paste it under the hood of each page of your site. I don’t recommend you do this yourself. This is one of those things many geeks may say is easy (easy for them to say). But, if you screw it up. Well, you’re…never mind. You get the point. Unless you’re going to make your website your hobby, doing anything “under the hood” in code is just flirting with disaster.

Once your Google Analytics code is on your web pages, it’s continuously collecting data. Anytime, you can login to your Google Analytics account and see what’s been happening on your business website. Here are just a few things that you’ll learn with your Google Analytics web stats:

– Number of visitors
– Number of page views
– Average time on your site
– Percentage of new visits
– Pages most often viewed
– Search engines used to find you
– Keywords used to find you

When you can analyze, you can understand behaviors. And when you understand behaviors, you can make adjustments to persuade more website visitors to your website and to get them to take the next step in the buying process.

This is Part 9 of Creating a Business Website.

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