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Creating a Business Website is a series of articles and blog posts by John Regis for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Part 1 | Keep it Simple
Part 2 | Don’t Go Alone
Part 3 | Think Like Them
Part 4 | Get Clicks!
Part 5 | Build Relationships
Part 6 | Promote Your Business Website
Part 7 | Keep it Fresh
Part 8 | Test Drive
Part 9 | Analyze
Part 10 | Keep Learning

In writing this short and simple online business website guide, I had to make an assumption. That assumption is that you don’t have a web site now (and know you desperately need one) or you already have a web site that you’re tired of apologizing for because you know it’s outdated and not to your standards. If you fall into one of those two categories, read on!

Take a few minutes and review the Creating a Business Website series. When you’re finished, you’ll have the best possible advice for saving time and money when it comes to creating or recreating a professional web site and online presence.

You’ll learn how to make the process easier on yourself, how much web design costs, how to get help, how to create compelling web content, how to be found on Google, how to utilize email marketing, how to get more people to visit your business website, how to incorporate a blog to greatly increase your online visibility, maintenance made easy, an introduction to Google Analytics (web stats), and the most popular resources to maximize for the most effective small business website.

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