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Local Search Marketing

Many online business owners overlook local search marketing. This potentially risks losing share in their largest market. As with all search engine marketing, time, skill and patience is involved; however the rewards justify the commitments. Local search marketing involves the targeting of a specific geographical audience in a sites’ search marketing campaign. To successfully market a website to a local …

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Local Businesses Must Focus On Local Search Marketing

Local Search Marketing Most search marketing deals, directly or indirectly, with the vastness of the internet. On the world-wide web, one small site has to work hard to be noticed. Search marketing strategies focus on grabbing as much attention from that vast world as possible, always keeping the target market in mind. Most businesses spend time on boosting their site …

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Enhance Your Google Local Listings

If you want to make the most of Google local search results, you need to understand how to create killer listings in Google Local. Why? As the screenshot below illustrates, Google Local can and often will dominate what’s seen above the fold? With real estate like that, you can gather large amounts of traffic if you can list prominently for …

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